Through The Power of Two Words, young readers will be introduced to a little heartfelt motherly advice to take on life's journey, and more mature readers will find themselves reflecting on memories of the advice they received from their moms.



It Ain't Over! was written to inspire all audiences. Little did Joyce know it would actually become an inspiration for her following the most difficult challenge she'd ever faced.  She hopes you will find encouragement, comfort and inspiration between these pages and that her experiences will help you realize: It Ain't Over!

Self-Inflicted Overload will teach you the ways to balance your life, avoid stress and take back control of your life. At the end of this book, you will walk away with a renewed confidence in yourself, as well as a newly defined peace within. 
Stress Less and Live More will help individuals conquer stess and live a more fulfilling life.  This book is a quick read and a helpful reminder that taking control of your life doesn't have to be complicated.
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