Hi Joyce,
Just a quick note to let 
you know what a great 
job you did with your
 presentation of 
One Team-One Goal. 
I loved your personal
candor as you spoke of the undeniable trails that we face as maintain our work-life balance and becoming the very best we can be. 

116th Annual PML Conference Attendee

It was all just AWESOME
 for me! I was really in awe
  of how powerful words 
can be when presented in the proper sequence and atmosphere!

Lathrop & Gage LLP Technical Specialist Blog Reader
You gave  me such perspective and encouragement to keep holding on and trust the process! So timely!!! Thank you again for your courage and for accepting my invitation to connect!!!


Mr. Brown, Will You Please Open The Door?

Author Joyce E. Brooks has released her first children's book titled Mr. Brown, Will You Please Open The Door?      


In this book, a little girl named Destiny is on a journey to make her dreams come true when she is met with an unexpected obstacle named Mr. Brown. 


Readers of all ages will enjoy turning the colorful pages as they follow Destiny's rocky journey to make her dreams a reality. 

Order Your Copy Today!

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