Joyce E. Brooks, Stress Awareness Expert and Mompreneur

Assisting businesses and organizations improve performance and gain a competitive advantage by focusing on the well-being and development of those who keep the doors open.




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Overloaded? Morale Down?             Out of Balance? Productivity Down?


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Implementing the PEACE Strategy led Joyce to a hidden talent.

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    Joyce E. Brooks is a self-proclaimed "Mompreneur" and author of "Self-Inflicted Overload".  She is managing member of Brooks Consulting, LLC whose mission is to assist businesses and organizations gain a competitive advantage by focusing on the well-being and development of those who keep the doors open.  As a stress awareness expert, Joyce understands that individuals experiencing overload and stress can adversely affect the bottom line of a business and limit success.

  Today, businesses face more challenges than ever to remain competitive and successful. Conditions such as a slow economy, increased competition, changing technology and limited capital are causing businesses to rethink their investments.  Considering, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declared stress a hazard of the workplace and costs American industry more than $300 billion annually; businesses would be wise to invest in the people who they depend upon to operate the business and represent their brand. 

     In an environment where working late, raising a family, meeting deadlines, juggling responsibilities, caring for aging parents and doing more with less, let’s face it.   Under these conditions, it is no surprise we have become a society of overloaded, out of balanced, and stressed out individuals.  This has become the new norm. But it doesn't have to remain this way. 


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Self-Inflicted Overload Self Assessment

Are you suffering from Self-Inflicted Overload? Are you experiencing the signs of stress i.e. moodiness, bad judgement, depressed, exhausted, can't sleep, eating more or less, etc.  Take the Overload Self-Assessment. It takes less than 4 minutes.


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