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Get to Know Joyce E. 

Joyce E. Brooks is an author, entrepreneur, mother, cancer survivor, artist, engineer and a dynamic speaker.  Joyce wakes up every morning with three little words on her mind, "It Ain't Over!" Joyce's journey and purpose is authentic and inspiring.

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Keynote Speaker at Women of Hope Signature Luncheon October 20, 2015

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Stress Management Tips

Stress Free Strategy from Joyce E. Brooks on Vimeo.

When one has too much on their plate, it is easy to become stressed out. Joyce E. Brooks, author of "Self-Inflicted Overload", offers you one strategy that will help you avoid becoming overloaded.

Latest Release: "It Ain't Over!"

Following the sucess of her first book, Self-Inflicted Overload, Joyce wasted no time working on her second book. lt Ain't Over! encourages the reader to discover opportunities in all circumstances and gain the power to live a more fullfilling life, both personally and professionally!



Joyce E.'s Blog

Engineer by trade, Joyce E. Brooks considers herself a free-spirited writer. She freely expresses honesty, a bit of human and a lot of encouragement when she decides to take pen to paper and fingers to keyboard.

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Joyce has delivered countless presentations.  Her topics range from leadership development, board management to surviving the corporate game.  If you are looking for an engaging speaker who will leave a positive impression,

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